TAV Georgia to invest $65 million in Tbilisi Airport

The operator company of Tbilisi and Batumi Airports, TAV Georgia will invest $65 million for infrastructural development in Tbilisi Airport. The new runway will be completely renovated and extended as to accommodate all kinds of aircraft. An agreement has been made with United Airport Georgia on reconstruction of the unused runway at Tbilisi Airport operated by TAV Georgia, whose 76% shares are owned by TAV Airports Holding. As per the agreement, an investment of $65 million will be made for the re-construction of the runway. TAV Georgia will employ 700 people on the new runway reconstruction works, among them 99% will be native. TAV Airports President & CEO M. Sani Şener stated, “Georgia leads the Caucasian region as the most strategic and developed country and is now poised to become a vital hub. We, for our part, aim to furnish the Georgian civil aviation sector with added impetus and contribute to the country’s economy, thanks to the know-how we’ve developed in the aviation sector. Around the world, only a number of leading airports -such as London’s Heathrow and Amsterdam’s Schipol- have the F Code runway. As TAV Airports, we are truly happy for Georgia for accomplishing a first with the new F Code runway in the region. I believe that this project will make a significant contribution to the aviation sector in Georgia.” “TAV Georgia is going to realize unprecedented investment in Tbilisi International Airport. In less than 2 years, the old runway will be reconstructed and extended according to ICAO standards and regulations” added Mete Erkal, TAV Georgia General Manager. By receiving F Code, Tbilisi Airports renovated runway will be able to accept all type of aircrafts, among them the world’s biggest -Boeing 748-8F, Airbus A380-800, Antonov 225 and Antonov 124. A new F Code taxiway is also planned. The operational rights of TAV Georgia have been extended for 10 years 9 months from February 2027 to November 8, 2037 within the scope of the BOT agreement and in exchange for the reconstruction investment. The reconstruction commenced as of September 4 and due to be finalized in two years.