Iraqi Air Company Al Naser Airlines Will Perform Regular Flights in Tbilisi International Airport

One more new air company will perform its regular flights during the summer season in Tbilisi international airport. Al Naser Airlines of Iraq will have flights to three destinations from Tbilisi at the same time. Flights Najafi-Tbilisi, Basra-Tbilisi and Baghdad-Tbilisi will be performed 5 times per week during the day hours, their passengers being provided services by MD-82 airplane. The first flight from Najafi arrived yesterday and brought the air company’s management to Tbilisi international airport. Today at 11 a.m. Al Naser Airlines performed the first flight from Tbilisi to second destination – Basra. Al Naser Airlines is a newly established air company and the first private air company in the history of Iraq. Al Naser Airlines operates both local flights within the country and international flights to the Arabian countries and the Far East destinations. We would like to remind you that this summer season Ukrainian Aironix Airlines and Israir Airlines of Israel joined the flights performed in Tbilisi International Airport.