Security Check

Security Check


  • When purchasing your tickets, do not forget to learn the time you need to be at the airport prior to your flight.
  • For your own safety, please prepare your own luggage and do not accept any items or packages given to you to be delivered to someone else.
  • Obtain information from the airline regarding safety procedures for the destination and departure countries.

For Your Safety:

Attend to your bags and possessions at all times. Do not leave bags unattended even for a very short period. Do not forget, unattended luggage will be confiscated and/or destroyed by the Security Staff.

Do not accept any packages from strangers.

Do not joke about having weapons or bombs to indicate terrorist activity. Do not forget! Such statements may lead to misunderstandings.

Items Barred from Hand Luggage

1. Weapons & Firearms:

Any caliber grooved weapons

Any and all shotguns and machine guns

Fake firearms or toy weapons

Air guns

Toy guns

Masked or camouflaged weapons (i.e. pen knives)

Starting pistols

Pieces of weapons (except telescopic target boards or target boards)

Ball firing weapons (plastic or metal)

Point guns

Launchers and catapults

Electric powered shock devices

Gun–shaped lighters

Industrial bolt, nail and harpoon guns

Bow and arrows

Harpoon guns

Sedative injection devices for animals

Paint guns

Pistols and capsules

2. Sharp Edged Weapons and Items

Any variety of ax

Arrows and darts

Spears, pikes, harpoons


Ice Axes





Clasp or gauge knives

Blades, swords, bayonets

Sharp edged and arrowed knives

Diving equipment (oxygen tube, divers knife)


Ice breakers

Razors and shaving knives

Metal cutters


Jack knives


Climbing Equipment (adze, hammer, ice ax etc.)

Skiing, walking and climbing sticks

Nail Files



Box cutters

Any items used for fighting, attack and defense (long sticks, swords, telescopic batons, knuckles, bayonets, maces, mace whips, choking wire or chains, skewer sticks, nunchakus etc.)

Ice skates

Pen knives

Hunting Knives

Any type of carpentry tools (hammer, screwdriver, drill, saw etc.)

Sharp medical tools (lancet, scalpel etc.)

Cutlery (spoon, knife, fork)

Hypodermic needles

Battery operated screw guns, drills and heads/tips

Electrical saw

3. Explosives and Flammable Substances

Fuse and detonators

Dynamite and imitations

Fireworks (rockets)

Hand grenades and imitations

Plastic explosives

Imitated explosives

Mine, gunpowder and other army commodities

Ammunition and munitions

Flammable liquids (Petrol, Benzine, Diesel, Alcohol, Ethanol, Gas Oil etc.)

Spray paints

Thinner and turpentine

Gas and gas cylinders (Oxygen, Propane, Butane, Acetone)

Liquid and gas for lighters

Imitation flammable items

Matches which are ignitable on all surfaces

Beverages with 70% or more alcohol level

4. Commodities which do not have sharp or pointed tips/heads:

Golf clubs

Cricket bats

Baseball bats

Hockey sticks

Oars (canoe etc.)


Rackets (tennis, squash)

Lacrosse sticks

Any kind of cue (billiards etc.)


Fishing equipment and fishing gear

Any kind of baton, club or stick

Ski equipment

Rope, Hawser

Surf boards

5. Chemicals and Toxic Substances:

Acids and batteries

Radioactive materials

Dry ice (more than 2kgs)

Selfflammable substances

Fire extinguishers

Dog repellent sprays


Substances which are contagious and may create biologic danger (septic blood, bacteria and viruses)

Sprays which may cause disability or limit defense (pepper spray, tear gases, CN and CS gases which look like key rings.

Chlorine and bleach

Pressurized gas cylinders



We Would Like to Call Your Attention To The Following Security Issues:

1 If security is thought of as a chain, the strongest link in this chain is the people who use the airlines: In other wordsYou!

2 If you haven't prepared your own luggage or your luggage has been taken to the airport without you attending to it, please inform the security staff about this.

3 Please inform the security staff of any suspicious behavior of others during the security checks, at the terminal or on board.

4 If you notice any luggage, mobile phone or packages left behind on board while leaving the aircraft, please let the cabin crew know.

5 Do not accept any luggage or package from anyone due to excess weight etc. during checkin.

6 Please assist the security staff while they talk you through the procedures, bearing in mind that this is for your own safety.

7 Please keep in mind that any illegal activity in our airports or on our aircraft will negatively impact our country.

9 Ask for information from airline companies regarding Barred Commodities on board or at the sterile areas or visit our website.

To Avoid Wasting Time and Causing Queues during Security Checks;

a While waiting for your turn at the security check points and without waiting for a prompt from the staff, if you prepare any items such as mobile phones, pens, pocket change and jackets, coats, overcoats and belts to be placed on Xray device this will save time.

b For Flight Safety, it is forbidden to take on board any kind of sharp, flammable or flashing items. Therefore, you will save time if you put any of these items you may have into your luggage going into cargo at the checkin desks before arriving at the security check points.

c Please put your hand luggage and any electrical/electronic equipment on the xray machine conveyor belt, taking them out of their bags/covers to be checked individually.

d At the Check Point, without waiting for a warning from the duty staff, please queue in front of the check point and prepare yourself as explained above in the quickest manner.

e Do not cross the red line before the person in front of you is cleared.

f In case of an alarm signal from the Gate Metal Detector, please check if you have any metal items on you and go through the detector again; if a signal is heard again please act according to the instructions of the security staff.

g If you have any valuable items on you such as gold jewelry or money please let the security staff know in advance to arrange a private search in a closed cabin.

h The xray causes damage only to professional cinema film. If you are carrying such film, you will need to bring a charge tent with you to the security check point for a manual check to be carried out.

i Security Devices are in accordance with health standards and with permission from the Georgian  Atomic Energy Commission. The devices are checked at regular intervals.

j Please do not ask to be exempt from security checks; security checks are for everybody.

k It is forbidden to enter the airports in possession of weapons, explosives, imitation guns, toys etc., which may be used for illegal activity; if you have such items with you, you need to report this at the check points.


In order to maintain a secure environment within our airports for passengers and their relatives, all our guests visiting our airports are subject to security checks regardless of age.

Please see below our timesaving suggestions at the security check points for families traveling with children;

Items Subject to x-ray Check:

  • All luggage/handbags and laptops including those belonging to your children are checked through the x-ray device. All baby push chairs, potties, chairs and similar items which are suitable in size for the xray device are also checked.

We would like to remind you that:

  • When arriving at the Security Check Point, you need to place all the items in your child's pockets in the plastic trays provided and put it through the x-ray device;
  • Manual search is performed by the security staff for items which are too large to go through the x-ray device; maximum care is taken during this procedure to avoid any damage to your items;

At Gate Metal Detector Points:

  • All items such as push chairs and cradles must be put through the Gate Metal Detectors for the Security Staff to be able to carry out the security checks in an attentive and careful manner;
  • During this time, you should not give your child over to be taken care of by 3rd parties in front of or behind you;
  • People traveling with children but without a companion who may be offered help from other passengers, can assist the Security Staff by taking into consideration the instructions from them in this respect;
  • Security staff may ask for your assistance during security checks involving children.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lost & found Office is located right next to the baggage claim area in the Arrivals hall.
For detailed information please click:
Smoking is allowed only at designated smoking areas at the airport
Each airline has different procedures for domestic animals. You must inquire about this with your airline company. Most airlines do not accept birds and rodents into the cabin. These types of animals may travel in the cargo section of the aircraft. There is a restriction on the number of domestic animals accepted into the cabin.
We recommend passengers to be at the airport 120 minutes (2 hours) prior to their flight.
For detailed information please click
It is located in the middle of the Arrivasl & Departures Hall of the terminal, where qualified doctors are ready to provide medical assistance 24 hours a day.
Phone: +955 32 310 345 / +995 32 310 467
Information regarding customs procedures can be found at: